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Everyone.Net Mail

Yes! You can use Everyone.Net's service on our server for web-based e-mail. We will change your DNS records on request for free. However, if you would like us to completely set up your e-mail, including signing up with Everyone.Net, there is a $20.00 fee. Hopefully, the instructions below will prevent you from needing us to that extent.

NOTE: We want to tell you that you will NOT be able to use the Mail Manager in your Control Panel to set up e-mail addresses anymore for your domain. ALL e-mail must be routed through Everyone.Net for their service to work. You can however, as the owner of the domain, set up some forwarding addresses for yourself, but they don't have multi-recipient e-mail capabilities.

Step 1: Go to Everyone.Net and sign up for their web-based e-mail service by clicking here.

Step 2: When you've completed sign-up, log into their Control Center at: https://controlcenter.everyone.net.

Step 3: When you've logged in, click on the link to set up your "Plug-In" e-mail. Choose to use your domain name as the e-mail.

Step 4: Choose a URL for your webmail pages. We recommend "webmail" so that it is webmail.(yourdomainname).com. For instance, the web-based e-mail for christiangirl.com is http://webmail.christiangirl.com.

Step 5: When you get to the part where it needs to send us information, click on "Send this information to my ISP" and enter [email protected]. The information will come directly to us. We will e-mail you when we have completed our part and then you can go back and complete the final step--confirmation. (It's OK to leave the Everyone.Net and log in later--it will remember what you have already done.)

Step 6: After you have received our e-mail saying your e-mail has been set up, simply go back to Everyone.Net and select the "Plug-In" e-mail settings. Go through the steps again, but this time without sending your ISP information and then go to the next step. Confirmation. Simply click on the "Confirm" button. If you receive an error saying that your DNS settings have not been set up correctly, give it a few days and try again. It can take up to a week for the DNS settings to take complete effect.

You're done! We suggest reserving important and official sounding e-mail addresses before you offer e-mail to your visitors. Here are a few addresses that you may want to reserve or set to the forwarding status: webmaster, admin, administration, cancel, billing, info, information, questions, webservant, webmistress, etc. Reserving an e-mail username will keep visitors from being able to sign up for that username. Forwarding status will forward the [email protected] to your e-mail address.

Banner Advertisements

Here is our view on the banner advertisements that Everyone.Net displays. Though we have not come across an offensive advertisement, it could happen, even though they say they don't show any banners that promote pornography, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, etc. You've been warned.


We are not partnered with or associated with Everyone.Net in any way. We, ourselves, do not participate in their service or affiliate program, so if you have trouble with their service, please contact their technical support--not us. We won't be able to help you as the e-mail they offer is completely routed through their servers. Always use them at your own risk.

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