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CGI-BIN. Setup.

What is the path to my site?
The "path" to your site is different than the URL to your script. When dealing with a CGI script, you'll need to use the following path:


You can get this path by going into your Control Panel and selecting your File Manager. The path to the directory you are currently in is displayed at the top of the page.

Where is my cgi-bin?

What is my path to PERL?
The first line of any CGI script should read just like this: #!/usr/bin/perl

What is the SENDMAIL path?

What version of PERL is on the server?
PERL version 5.x with all of the standard CPAN modules installed.

How do I use my cgi-bin with the secure certificate?
We have to enable your CGI-BIN to be called with our secure certificate. Then you just call it securely like it is explained on the SSL page.

Where can I find some PERL / CGI scripts?
http://www.cgi-resources.com/Programs_and_Scripts http://www.scriptsearch.com

CGI-BIN. Troubleshooting.

Most trouble stems from just a few simple mistakes. Take a look at this list before e-mailing us to see if you can find the problem.

1. If you're using an FTP client, make sure that your CGI scripts were uploaded in ASCII mode--not BINARY! BINARY mode will currupt your scripts and they will not work.

2. Do your scripts have the correct permissions? Most scripts (the files ending in *.pl or *.cgi) need to have a permission of 755 or rwxr-xr-x. You can change permissions in your File Manager by clicking on the link beside the file name that looks like this: rwxrwxrwx and choosing:

Owner: rwx
Group: r x
World: r x

That is what allows your script to run.

2. Make sure that when a script asks for a "path," you are not putting the URL to the script. As mentioned above, the "path" is different from the URL. A "path" will never have the "http://" in it. A path looks like this:


Make sure that you haven't changed anything in the script that you shouldn't have. Simply missing comma, period, or quotation mark can render a CGI script totally useless. Our advice: Do not edit a script unless you know what you are doing.

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